Burnout with Melo Calarco

Avoid Burnout and Find Balance in Work and Life with Melo Calarco

Melo Calarco


I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced the chaos of juggling work, family, and personal time. I know I have (and often still do), and it can feel like a never-ending circus!

But we all have a breaking point where no matter how much we want to keep up the juggling act, we just can’t do it anymore. It’s called burnout. And it affects millions of people every day.

In episode #144 of The Author’s Corner, Robin delves into the essential discussion on avoiding burnout and finding balance in work and life with Melo Calarco. Join us for this enlightening conversation and discover some of the tools that can help you thrive in both your personal and professional life.


Key takeaways:

  • How to recognizing the signs of burnout
  • The importance of self-awareness and self-care practices
  • Utilizing boundaries to manage stressors
  • Understanding your personal strengths and energy allocation
  • The residual effects of COVID-19 on mental health
  • Rebuilding resilience and refilling one’s cup
  • And more!


Resources mentioned in this episode:


About Melo Calarco:

Melo Calarco, award-winning author of Beating Burnout-Finding Balance: Mindful Lessons for a Meaningful Life (Wiley), is a mindfulness and high-performance coach, keynote speaker and corporate programs facilitator. His work has helped many CEO’s, leaders, corporate executives, medical professionals, elite athletes and other high achievers to perform at their absolute best, without burning out. Personally, Melo has trekked and cycled around the world on his mountain bike over 30,000kms across five continents where he learnt to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build resilience and mental endurance. He shares this experience in his professional workshops and seminars, which have been described as truly transformational!


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