The Power of Creativity with Tony Award Winner John Pinckard

Creativity plays an important role in our society, but it is often overlooked. Without it, we wouldn’t have art, theater, or books (to name a few). But outside of the creative arts, creativity also plays a critical role in our everyday lives, as it contributes to effective problem-solving and decision-making.


In this episode of The Author’s Corner, Robin sits down with Tony Award-winning producer, coach, trainer, and speaker John Pinckard to discuss the power of creativity. Robin and John explore the many aspects of creativity, and the myriad ways that we can tap into, utilize, and benefit from our own natural creative instincts. John debunks the idea that only certain people are creative, revealing that we are all, at our cores, creative creatures. He also offers thoughts on the so-called ‘threat’ of AI to the creative fields, and why there are aspects of the lived experience that AI can never truly replace.


Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Why John equates working in theater and making a living doing it with winning the Powerball lottery.
  • The reason why ‘I’m not a creative person’ is one of the dirtiest lies we tell ourselves.
  • Why creativity – particularly for writers – revolves around the live experience.
  • The art of coaching – asking the right questions, rather than giving answers.
  • And much more…


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

John’s website

John’s LinkedIn


About John Pinckard:

John Pinckard’s best known work has been as a two-time Tony Award winning producer on Broadway, where he was responsible for hits like American Idiot, Clybourne Park, and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. Perhaps his most surprising work was a seven year stint in investment banking while running a lighting design firm. However, his most meaningful work has always been as a consultant and coach. For twenty years, he advised countless artists, executives, and stars throughout the entertainment industry. Now based in San Francisco, Pinckard is bringing his distinct perspective on conscious leadership, intentional relationships, and creative recovery to founders and leaders throughout the Silicon Valley community. He has taught at Columbia University, the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida, and is an alumnus of the UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute at the Haas College of Business.




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