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Strategic Book Sales with Chris Benetti

Strategic Book Sales with Chris Benetti


Ever wondered how top authors drive their book sales into the stratosphere?

According to this week’s guest, it’s about strategically using a multi-pronged approach that helps you gain book sales while it raises your income. 

Today, Chris Benetti, joins us to share his expertise in how to successfully market your book without breaking the bank, and other secrets behind his clients’ phenomenal success.

In episode #155 of The Author’s Corner,  Chris shares his proven strategies and practical tips on how to market books effectively, ensuring maximum reach and impact. Tune in to uncover Chris’s marketing secrets and elevate your book sales game.


Key takeaways:

  • Using ads compared to manual marketing efforts for promoting books
  • How to correctly target demographics and address pain points in ad copy
  • The benefit of selling books on your own platform
  • Integrating affiliate marketing campaigns to help make book ads sustainable
  • Navigating marketing strategies for traditional publishers and hybrid publishers
  • Incorporating speaking gigs to sell books
  • The importance of having back-end offers
  • And more!


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About Chris Benetti:

Chris Benetti owns Smart Author® Media and is an expert in book marketing. To date, Chris has helped his clients collectively generate over $20,000,000 in sales from their books & digital offers, and in 2023, Chris sold over 19,000 books for his clients.


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