The Humorous Wins and Falls in One Author’s Book Journey with Randy Paterson, PhD

We enjoyed chatting with Dr. Randy Paterson in this episode. Hear him talk about his strategies of using reverse psychology and real-life affirmations to help other people find their way through depression and life failures. Yes, stick to repeatable processes and what works, and hit play!


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • What is the main point of assertiveness?
  • Ways to access your book sales stats and author rank
  • How negative mood states impact motivation
  • Effects of introducing children to failure at an early age
  • Reasons why people write and its benefits

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Randy Paterson, PhD

Randy Paterson, PhD is a psychologist and author living in Vancouver BC. He is the founder of Changeways Clinic, one of Vancouver’s largest private psychotherapy services, and the author of How to be Miserable:40 Strategies You Already Use, How to be Miserable in Your Twenties, Private Practice Made Simple, Your Depression Map, and The Assertiveness Workbook.

He vlogs about psychology and mental health at YouTube’s PsychologySalon channel, and provides online courses for professionals and the public (including a course on writing long-form non-fiction). He has provided over 300 training seminars for mental health professionals on topics including communication skills, psychotherapy process, practice management, and the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Randy’s Books:

  • How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use ⏐ Paperback and Kindle
  • The Assertiveness Workbook: How to Express Your Ideas and Stand Up for Yourself at Work and in Relationships ⏐ Paperback and Hardcover
  • Your Depression Map: Find the Source of Your Depression and Chart Your Own Recovery ⏐ Paperback
  • Private Practice Made Simple: Everything You Need to Know to Set Up and Manage a Successful Mental Health Practice ⏐ Paperback and Kindle
  • How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties: 40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting ⏐ Paperback and Kindle


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