‘Living Large’ In Business And In Life With 7-Figure Online Marketing Expert Vince Del Monte

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How do you create content to inspire your audience? Robin Colucci welcomes Vince Del Monte, a fitness business coach and 7-figure online marketing expert. Vince shares how his best posts come out from his devotional in the morning. Take a look at your life and see the parallel with current world events. Take your ideas and simplify them into digestible, shareable points. You can use a few simple words to communicate a rich message. Finally, don’t forget to enrich your mind by constant reading and listening to great content. If you want more tips on creating inspiring posts, listen to this episode.

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‘Living Large’ in Business and in Life with 7-Figure Online Marketing Expert Vince Del Monte

I am beyond thrilled to be able to introduce to you Vince Del Monte. He has been a world-renowned fitness professional for many years. He started as a fitness trainer and was a fitness competitor. He placed third in the World Fitness Model Championship. During this journey, Vince built a business empire that has consistently generated over $1 million a year.

You might wonder why I would have a guy like Vince on the show. Vince also happens to be the author of a book by the title Living Large published by BenBella Books in 2016. I was the collaborator on Vince’s book. The reason I invited Vince to share with you is he is going to tell his story of how he was able to utilize the book and not only have the book but leverage also the book writing process to be able to catapult his fitness business into a whole new community where he teaches other fitness experts how to grow a multiple six-figure and seven-figure businesses.

Vince is known as the premier go-to online fitness business coach due to his outstanding track record in building thriving fitness businesses. I hope that when you read this, you will be open to some incredible insights that Vince has, not only about success with his book but also success with his business and success in life. Without further ado, let’s go talk to Vince.

Vince, welcome to the show.

My favorite person in the world, Robin, how are you?

Anytime I get to see you, I am great.

We have a long relationship.

I was thinking about it. We have known each other for over a decade. We might be coming up on our 11th or 12th year in 2022.

It has been amazing. We have worked together in both directions.

I helped you with your book then you helped me triple my business in a year and a half.

I am so happy. Those are the results you deserve.

Thank you. I want to share with our readers. I invited you because I wanted to see you and talk about the process that we shared together in creating Living Large, for which we got you an agent, Celeste Fine, who at that time was at Sterling Lord. She went on to sell your book to BenBella Books, and it came out in the stores. What you did next is so super interesting.

Before we get to what you did next, as I recall, when we were first talking and you came to me about writing a book, you were already a very successful online marketer. You had already passed $1 million on online sales as a fitness expert. I remember in our early conversations where you wanted to get out of that box but not let it go. You were starting to see other ways you could help people. Can you share with our readers a little bit about when did you recognize focusing on fitness?

There are a lot of pieces that all came together. The book was like the birthday bowl at the end of 10 to 12 years of creating fitness content. There were a lot of eBooks, digital programs, and monthly recurring programs. I felt like I still had not earned my seat at the table. I did not have a bookstore book. As I was building my brand, I felt like I would always postpone that because I did not see the immediate ROI from it because there was a process that it takes to create a book.

As a marketer, you want everything done fast. I kept postponing this and eventually realized that I was not going to be a fitness coach forever. I felt called to help people build their business and best life. I had so many people messaging me, “How did you build your online fitness business?” It was transitioning quickly to becoming a full-time fitness business coach, which is what I do now. I felt that at the end of the fitness, I should have a bookstore book or a summation of all of my best work for the skinny guy in one place.

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Living Large, my bestselling book that you can get on Amazon or bookstores is that one piece of work I am most proud of than anything else I have put out in years. There is the process of getting endorsements from industry celebrities and getting Men’s Health to endorse it, Bodybuilding.com, and the editor of Men’s Fitness. If you open it up, there is a section called Praise for the Author. That process of getting industry leaders to give me praise for that piece of work solidified my seat at the table.

I felt like, “I am not just a fitness marketer.” I have contributed to this space tremendously and created work that the skinny guy will be able to resource for life. My brother was like, “I am going through your Living Large workouts again. They are so good.” That made me feel good. When I see somebody at a party, they are, “Where should I start?” I am like, “Grab Living Large. I do not sell them but go to this website, the bookstore, or Amazon.com. Search Living Large and start with that book.”

That also positioned me differently. There are a lot of business coaches out there, specifically in my space. I am competing against a lot of young up-and-coming kids who have overnight success with their fitness business. They have become business coaches, but none of them have even a fraction of the accolades that I do when it comes to the number of programs I have built, the audience size I have built, and the amount of revenue I have produced.

To put the cherry on top, I have got a real book. That gave me a lot of confidence. Even my mentor Bedros Keuilian said, “Vince, you are the OG of fitness marketing. How many business coaches have books in the fitness space? They are all just one-trick teachers. You can help people do digital funnels, do high-ticket coaching, and teach them how to write a book.” To me, that is something I am pretty proud of.

I remember when we were crafting Living Large, we did something deliberately because, at that time, everybody in the world saw you as a fitness expert. They did not see you necessarily as the guy to go to for help with mindset, goal-setting, planning, dealing with naysayers, and those kinds of coaching elements that ultimately transitioned to business.

With that in mind, we crafted the structure of the book. In part one, we had chapters about those things, specifically, those coaching elements. In part three, we talked about how you could take the lessons from the gym and apply them to other aspects of your life. How did those elements make a difference in terms of helping build that bridge? What are your thoughts on that?

It is everything and positioning. I was sharing with you that for 10 to 12 years, people were paying me for what I do. I help you build muscle naturally. I teach you how to achieve a great body. Now I am getting paid for who I am. As a business coach, what I mean by that is people are coming to me based on my vision and values. My vision being a preferred future of having a great bank account but also great relationships and a great life.

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Living Large: The Skinny Guy’s Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building

That is my vision. My value is being a family man and a man of faith. I also do share my opinions, and people either love it or hate it, but they know what they are getting. That is important for people to know what they are walking into like, “This is my coach. This is where he stands on these things.” For me, I have always wanted people to build businesses on this simple concept that people buy coaches and not coaching.

That is my encouraging message to everybody. People ultimately want to work with you because they relate to your story. With everybody’s tactics and strategies, one guy might be shinier than another, but at the end of the day, most coaches get hired because you are simply a good problem solver. They relate to you and trust that you can solve their problems. That is why people come to me. It is because they trust me that I can solve their problems.

When you were talking about the other aspects of what success looks like besides a big bank account, a happy family life, being healthy, living up to your values, and having a life of faith, it also reminds me of our conversations around the title of the book. We were very deliberate on not making it just about gaining muscle or losing fat. We wanted the title to also open that door that maybe you are having a bigger conversation than what you are going to share about.

That comes back to knowing your vision, values, and what you ultimately aspire for other people. What message am I supplying to the marketplace? What is my staple message? My staple message has been that you can live large inside and outside of the gym. It ties back to my upbringing. Growing up in a Christian home, my parents said this to me. I heard this quite a bit because there were in full-time Christian ministry, “Riches and relationships do not jive. If you are going to have a big bank account, you are not going to have great relationships.”

I have heard that. They were not trying to squander my ambition to build a business, but they were always concerned that if I pursued more wealth, then I would be sacrificing, “How are the kids doing? How is your relationship with Flavia?” I have always been on this mission to bridge those two worlds and be a gift back to my parents in, “You can have both of these.”

A lot of times, the reason we do not pursue both is that there is a story keeping you safe, “If I pursue riches, then I am going to lose my relationships or vice versa.” If I pursue relationships in my case, the story I would tell myself is that it is going to reduce my ambition and drive, which is going to take away my identity of being somewhat successful. They are two separate things. I have always been on this mission to bridge these worlds.

You mentioned your parents. I love your parents so much.

They love you too. They always ask how you are doing.

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They are such wonderful people. They have embraced your whole journey.

A part of your brand as well is making people believers. If you do not have a brand that is representative of your lifestyle, then all the language in the world is not going to cover it up. That is how you get to the status of, “I feel like being ready to write a bigger book.” Why do a lot of the people you work with have more impact with their books? It is because they have completed all the chapters in their own lives.

There is a book to share. Living Large was written when I had enough to share. It was after twelve years. It was not my first piece of work. It was my last piece of work. That is an indication for people, “When should I write a book?” I told Bedros I wanted to write a book after he came up with Man Up. He is like, “You are on Chapter Six. We have got four chapters to go still. You are not ready to start sharing because you cannot start.” People set themselves up because you are talking about something you are not living. That is when you set yourself up.

I often say to people, “You need real on-the-ground experience for years.” All of our clients have at least a decade. Most of them have a couple of decades of on-the-ground experience. There is one moment that was so memorable to me as your coach. We had talked about you starting to expand into higher ticket programs and going more for the high value and lower volume, not to get rid of your fitness products but to be able to work with people in this deeper way that you had wanted to explore. One of the peak moments of my entire career was seeing your post on Facebook that you had six people in a little mastermind that you put together.

This was Muscle Camp.

Maybe it was your first 6-Figure Mastermind. It was an intro thing. You reminded me because I remember seeing that. I was like, “Look at him. He is implementing.”

There is a backstory to having my first mastermind. This goes way back to 2010. There was a bit of a lesson here. I had ten guys approach me. Two of the guys are good friends of mine. They said, “Can you teach us how to build a seven-figure fitness business?” They were competitors. I was like, “Why would I do that?”

They said, “We will find the hotels, book the venues, do all the logistics, and get ten people to pay you $10,000 each if you teach us. We want to meet up 3 times for 2 days.” We met in Quebec and Las Vegas and went down to the Keys in Florida. I taught them everything I was doing. What happened was the first one said I was so far ahead that they had never seen so much value.

TAC 49 | Online Marketing
Online Marketing: People come to you based on your vision and values.


There were ten guys in that group. Six of them became millionaires in one year. They were all way under six figures. Half of the group 10X-ed their income in one year. The second one said, “You wowed us but not as much as the first event.” For the third one, I showed up and a lot of them were catching up. They said the third one was not the best one. I did not have a pitch. I was not being coached at the time. I did not know how to renew everybody. I said, “This is what we are going to do next year. The price is going up to $10,000.” Guess how many people signed up.


They felt so bad for me because these have become dear friends of mine who are still dear friends to this day. The majority of them wanted to pull me aside before we went out that night for drinks to tell me why they were not renewing. They said, “We felt like we caught up. You did not continue to grow.” That was in 2010. They did it very respectfully. I was impressed with how they honored the entire process of wanting to explain why none of them were continuing. That was a massive blow to my ego. I do not think I have got therapy on that to this day now that I think about it.

Something happened back then, which made me go into, “Focus on your own business, Vince. Stop trying. Do not do that again because that was a massive disappointment.” It was not for a couple of years later before I thought of teaching people. I did it safer. I did two-day events. Instead of doing a full-blown twelve-month mastermind, I said, “Come to this hote, and I will teach you as much as I can in two days.” There were a lot of people that became millionaires from those two days, including my top student Frank, who did $20 million in 2021, and Joe LoGalbo, who knocked us over.

It was not much longer, but a few months or weeks after that, I saw another post on Facebook. You said, “I have 60 people in my 6-Figure Mastermind.” Talk to us a little bit about that transition because then I was jumping up and down in my living room.

I have got the timeline. What I was doing as I was running my fitness business is I saw this opportunity to market to my fitness audience, “Who here wants to learn how to build a 0 to 6-figure business from 0 to 6 figures in six months?” I did about 5 or 6 events. There were about 10 to 20 people. It was $2,000 per head. The biggest one was 40 people in Toronto. That was a couple of summers ago. That was the one where I made my pitch for a twelve-month mastermind.

I had rehired Bedros a week before that to teach me how to sell from the stage. It is something I have never done. At that event, there were 28 buying units in the room. Sixteen of them stood up and walked to the front of the room with a $15,000 contract in hand. You do the math on that. That was the biggest payday I had ever experienced. That was the beginning of the 7-Figure Mastermind with fifteen people at that event. Years later, there were over 300 active members in that coaching program.

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I believe you have different levels.

We have different levels. For the one that you joined, 7-Figure Mastermind, the price point is about the same still.

That is a lot more than you were making, even though you were already a millionaire from your fitness programs. That is considerably more than you were making.

That became a million-dollar business within one year. We have scaled that up significantly over 5X since then. It is a very profit-rich business, too, and a lean team. I have 30 team members. Compared to some of my colleagues who have got high-ticket coaching businesses and masterminds, there are 55 to 60 team members with 20% and 30% profits. I like to keep the profits well over 50%, if not 60%. We have learned how to become a high-functioning team and streamline the delivery of our service in a way that does not constrict scaling.

Your story is such a great example of how you can use a book as a bridge to help you transition into your next iteration. The one thing that I have enjoyed watching so much is seeing you being able to share your whole self in terms of all the different ways that you can provide value and not be limited to the fitness conversation.

We have got a live event in Nashville from April 21 to 23, 2022. I asked the members, “What would you like to learn? Are there any speakers you want me to bring back?” It is interesting. The most popular one is they want Flavia to come back. The reason is they want to learn how to scale a business with a family, “If you have three kids, you are leaving the country, building a house in another state, selling your home, getting a visa, and scaling your business, how are you doing all that?” We are going to share some of the challenges and solutions that we have to discover.

That is another thing about you too. I know from sitting in the room when I was in your mastermind that you are very transparent with your people. You do not just give the rosy side.

That is the thing. They want to hear that they are normal. One of the jobs of a good coach is to normalize people’s problems and let them know, “Everything you are going through is ordinary. It is not unordinary. This is all familiar territory that I have been in. Anyone you look up to has experienced these challenges. You did not get handpicked to experience this challenge. You are not special. Do not get too down on yourself.”

Reassuring people that it is harder, longer, and costlier than they anticipated is a big part of keeping people in the game and letting them know, “That took six months to figure out.” “I was getting frustrated because we did not figure it out in two weeks. You gave me the template.” There is a lot of stuff that happens behind the scene with communication, reporting, and holding people accountable.

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Online Marketing: We’ve learned how to become a high-functioning team and how to streamline the delivery of our service that doesn’t constrict scaling.


That is what people appreciate because we do not quit on people. I always say that. People quit on themselves. The reason they quit on themselves is that they hit this roadblock that they think is something that is not meant to be gone around. That is the big value of having a coach, pushing people, putting them in an environment that raises their standards, and getting them to believe, “You can have a $50,000 a month business, be a millionaire, expand, and build a team.” These things are all possible, but there are so many new levels of growth that you have not even tapped into. The question is, do you want to?

You could say anything you want, whether it is a better body, a bigger business, or a book. It comes down to that same thing. Do you want it bad enough to do what you need to do?

Are you going to pursue the vision you have had or tap out? I even call it selling out. A lot of people sell out. I am trying to communicate with people. Someone said to me, “I do not think online fitness coaching is for me.” I am like, “You idiot. It is not for you. It is for the people you are serving.” They are trying to figure out why they are all depressed and anxious.

I am like, “This is why you are all uptight. The only person you are worried about is you. You show up and put out content to get leads. Your mindset is messed up. The reason you have a business is to wake up, save people’s lives, and serve people. You do not build a business to serve you.” These are the people that quit in the first year or two because they have got the wrong mindset.

They do not see it as gratitude as action. When you are in a state of true gratitude, you take action. You do not sit down, journal it, and thank God. God already knows that you are grateful for these basic needs. True gratitude is reflected in how you do anything with what you have been given. Getting up every day and serving people without any expectation of return is true gratitude.

We are trying to help people flip that switch and realize this is not about you making more money. This is about you waking up and using your God-given talents, skills, passion, and resources to help and serve people. In the process, you will make some good money along the way. If you are driven by externals, you are always going to be depressed.

If you are thinking about yourself, you will always be depressed and anxious. I had a business coach before you who cured me of my anxiety around having a sales conversation by giving me a mantra, which is before you get on the phone, you say to yourself, “How can I help this person? How can I change this person’s life?” That is what you are talking about. You are not thinking about, “Am I going to get the sale? How am I going to get the money?” You are thinking, “How can I serve this person? Who can I help?” You get up every day and ask that, “Whose life can I change?” You are looking at the day in a proper way.

I had a conversation with an ex-convict of ten years. He has got a big YouTube channel, GP – Penitentiary Life Wes Watson. He is speaking at our event. He wakes up at 2:45 AM every day to work out, so I asked him, “Talk to me about that.” He is saying that he does not get up to get something. He gets up to get crap out of him. In waking up early, you get rid of the negativity and procrastination. You get out the desire for instant gratification and comfort. It is what you get out, not what you take.

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I am like, “That is brilliant.” A lot of people have this whole thing backward. It is like, “Why are you building a business? It is to get rid of your selfishness.” You are building a business to help people. It is not to serve you. You are building a business to get rid of all your self-absorption, fear, and safety and risk management assessments. Put yourself out there because this is not about you. Once people can start to make those pieces click, they wake up with purpose. Now you have a whole new purpose for waking up.

It is true because when you are focused on service and thinking about who you can serve and how you can help people, then you ask all the questions you need to succeed like, “How can I do this better? How can I take away even more friction for this person? How can I make this process clearer? How can I convey this idea in a simpler way?” You do not ask those questions if it is about you.

“How do I get more leads? How do I grow my following?” Those are the questions that show up at school, “How do you wake up earlier to return pages of a book, have a great workout, share what you learned from that, give value to your audience without any expectation of a return, and do that every single day for ten years?” It is having another centered mindset. I know that sounds hard. I am like, “Where are you putting your identity in? In your external?”

Put your identity in who you are and be somebody that is coming at this from a place of service, non-expectation, and value. If you are a value-driven individual, all your needs will be taken care of but you have to put yourself last. That is hard when you are coming from a background of scarcity and survival, which is why you need to get in an environment where there are other people who are operating at those low levels.

You need to be around people who are operating at that higher level.

They are vibrating at a higher frequency.

You are so good at sharing on social media. We should talk a little bit about that because you could do an entire class and another mastermind. You are the only person who consistently writes these long posts that I read every single word. What shines through is that you are speaking or writing from your heart. This must be a muscle too that you had to build. Were you ever bad at this? You are pretty good at it.

You can go on YouTube and see for yourself. Go watch the videos from 2008 to 2016. The first 800 videos all sucked. You could be a judge. Nothing came naturally even if you look at great pastors. Steven Furtick was talking about giving this sermon when he was sixteen years of age. When he first launched Elevation, he was preaching from a certain scripture. When he gave this passage back when he was sixteen, he had twelve points. Over the years, he has summed it down to one point. You are preaching from the same scripture, and years later, this passage has become so clear.

It is a process of evolution. When you are first starting out, your ideas might sound unclear, but it comes from living out a lot of certain ideas. I like to also share what I read. It also helps me implement. Sometimes my best posts come out of my devotional from the morning. I am like, “That spoke to me. I feel like that was specifically speaking to me.” That is one of my processes of creating content. Some people say, “How do you make your content?” It is what I am inspired by. Maybe after a sermon, a mastermind talk, I hear Bedros talk, or after I listened to Wes Watson on a podcast, I will hear something.

TAC 49 | Online Marketing
Online Marketing: The best posts come out of the devotional in the morning.


I am like, “He is speaking to me.” When I feel something, then I try to package it up in a way that is relatable to my audience based on what I can rift on from my experience. That is my process for creating content. It is very inspiration-based and relevant. It is based on what is happening in my life. I find that is maybe what makes it a little sticky. I will share lessons from what’s going on with world events, and people can relate, “That is an interesting parallel to that.” I try and make it timely. The biggest thing is taking these ideas and trying to simplify them down to digestible and shareable points.

The skill set of some of the best communicators in the world is that they can use few words to communicate something super-rich. You are like, “That landed finally.” Those guys are masterful at what they do. That just did not slip out of their mouth. You got the ingredients in. It is the difference between cooking and baking. Anyone can cook. They just follow the recipe, but a true chef can bake. They can take the ingredients and make something that tastes different than anything else. That is a craft. Something I am passionate about is getting better at communicating my ideas.

I remember pretty early on in the book-writing process. We were talking about your voice because you wanted it to have more edge than some of our early works. What do you remember about that? That was an important turning point in getting the vibe.

Speaking about vulnerability, I am easily influenced. It is okay. When you hear my voice, it might sound like a mix of Grant Cardone, Bedros Keuilian, and Steven Furtick. You hear a mixture of guys. That is a process everybody has to go through to find their own voice. As the experiences become more real, what happens is your confidence goes up. When they are talking about integrity, I am like, “I have been on 75 Hard for 38 days. I have not compromised once.”

I can speak about this. When I say edge, it means to stop backing off on your energy. Even in a relationship, males are meant to be masculine. You see a lot of emasculated males because they are afraid to have an edge and say, “Wife, that is not acceptable. I will not tolerate that anymore.” Most males would be terrified to say something like that to their spouse because they feel like an impostor, like, “Who am I to call her that? That is inappropriate.”

They do not have that self-respect. The edge I was trying to portray is like, “I know what I am talking about. I am the OG. I know this better than anybody.” I want that authority to come through. I do not want it to be watered down. I want it to be, “This is the way you do it. We are not apologizing and putting asterisks at the bottom. In this situation, this is the way we do it.” That is what I meant by the edge. It is much more authoritative.

Looking at where you have gone since then, it seemed to me like that was a real turning point in your awareness, not just for how you communicated in the book but how you were going to show up in the world and owning who you are.

I know that is my journey, but everyone can relate to owning who you are, what you do, how you are leading, and what you are building. Those are the four things every person is trying to own. It is owning who you are, “I have done this longer than anybody. Why am I saying this would be a good idea? This is the best way to do it. Why are you afraid to use the words this is the best way? Is it because one hater might say there are different ways? This is the best way.”

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That is crucial. When you start to discover the path, that is what a leader does. A leader knows the way and shows the way. When you step into that, that is when you are going to have the most impact on people’s lives as well because they are going to hear that. It is like, “He is pretty down on all this low-ticket stuff. He believes in this high-ticket stuff. Maybe I should give it a shot.” I am like, “If you are wishy-washy, I am going to find another guy.”

Said the guy who started with low-ticket and is now crushing it with high-ticket.

I know both sides, so I can speak from experience.

It is not like you did not even try low-ticket.

I can tell you why that is so hard.

Having worked with several authors is a tangible benefit but it is a subtle benefit of going through the process of writing a book. You are putting down the law. This is not just a conversation on a show. This is in print. It is going to be shipped out to bookstores all over the world, and you cannot take it back.

I like that part of the book because you come back and have a quote. Whoever is editing it or the researcher is like, “Do you have anything to back this statement up?” I am like, “I am sure there is some support.” You have somebody to test your craft and challenge your ideas. I did like that part of the book-writing process because I learned a lot. I am like, “There are a ton of studies to support this. I was pretty sure there were, but here they are.”

I had forgotten all about that piece of it. We had a researcher that you also employed to find the actual sources so that we could verify everything you were saying. We do that with everybody because it is in print. You have got a publisher who’s also on the hook if you get it wrong.

She was the fact-checker. We told her to go through the book and circle anything that could be either unbelievable or needed an asterisk or a footnote. What a great process that was. I did enjoy that. It gave you that confidence and also gave me a deep appreciation for other authors. The author, Donald Miller, is writing another book. I listen to his podcast. It takes him a year to write a book. I am like, “A whole year to write one book? Do not you whip these things up?” It gives you a much more appreciation for the work because you are consolidating years of ideas into the best and in one little spot that I can absorb in 4 to 6 hours on Audible.

Before we go, I would like to ask you, what have I not asked you that I should have or that you would like to share that we did not cover?

TAC 49 | Online Marketing
Online Marketing: Create something you’d be proud of.


Who should write a book? When should you write a book? Those are good questions. I truly believe the book is the best asset you can put in the marketplace for lead generation, whether it is a short book or a longer-form book. What a great tool to indoctrinate, create trust, and sell your ideas. After you have read somebody’s book, if I am getting it on a sales call with somebody, I am curious to know the details on what it cost, but I am already sold.

It is a great tool. If anybody is wondering, “Should I write a book?” Everyone should have their methodology packaged into some form of a book that people can consume. It is excellent for your prestige. It is great for networking. It is one of the best lead-generation tools on the planet because the perception around a published author is never going to diminish. It is something that everybody should put on the radar.

I tell a lot of my students, “When are we going to work on a book project together?” They go, “Really?” I am like, “Absolutely.” They start thinking bigger. You should think about packaging your ideas up into a system. They are still in that space of, “This business is designed to pay some bills and have a good lifestyle.” I am like, “Why don’t we create something that you would be proud of? I could get spread into a lot of hands.” They are like, “When should we do that?” “Let me connect you with my friend Robin, and she will take care of you.”

Let me ask you this because I remember when we were talking about the title of the book. The idea of legacy resurfaced. We talked about it a little bit in the beginning. How do you feel the book is contributing? I know legacy is an important thing to you. I want to invite you to share whatever you have to say about legacy because I know this is something that matters to you.

I got three kids. It is neat talking about the legacy that one day Milia and Gianluca are going to come to Nashville, walk in that room, see a couple of hundred people, and say, “What do you do, daddy?” “One thing about your dad is your dad’s an author. Your dad writes.” That is pretty cool. How cool is that for a child to see? “My dad writes books. These are all dad’s coaching clients. They all read daddy’s work. Daddy helps them build their business.”

That, to me, is a neat part about legacy. I know you lost your father as my mom did. We lost my Nonno. He is 96. My mom spent 2021 writing a book called Lessons From My Father. It was a tribute she wanted to make. I finished reading it, and it was beautiful. It was all these lessons of my Nonno who left Italy when he was seventeen. Why did he leave Italy? It is because there was no opportunity and work. He came over on a boat. He did something to get into the country with the X-ray. He asked the doctor to scribble something out because he had something he was not supposed to have in his chest, which would have turned him around and equivalent to going into a country without a vaccine.

I was like, “It is parallel.” He had to sneak into the country. I am like, “What am I reading?” This happened many years ago. Here I am making this move to the United States with my family. What a big decision. We are going twelve hours down the road, but I am gaining these lessons from my grandfather. How inspirational is that? Maybe the legacy is that my kids will see, “I can create, imagine, and write.” That is going to be a part of my legacy, I hope.

I am sure it will. You are a walking living legacy when I think of all the lives that you have changed, including mine. Thank you, Vince, for being who you are and for being on the show.

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Vince Del Monte is a loving husband and proud father of 3.

The O.G of Online Fitness Marketing, Vince has been the game since 2006, building four different 7-figure fitness brands, including No-Nonsense Muscle Building, Maximize Your Muscle, Live Large TV, and Hypertrophy Max.

More recently, Vince has turned his focus towards teaching fitness professionals how to grow and scale online, and as the creator of The 7-Figure Mastermind, the world’s largest Fitness Business Coaching program, he does just that. Vince has crafted organic scaling systems that have helped students hit as much $1M/month with 1 high-ticket, high-leverage, high-touch coaching program.

Vince has generated 30M+ in revenue between his business and fitness offerings.

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Vince will be the first to admit that he has made some mistakes over the last 16 years.  What he has learned he now shares with his students. Vince removes the guesswork. He only shares what he knows to be tried and true.

What he knows for sure to be true?

Systems will set you free.

You can build a business that serves you versus you serving it.

You don’t need a “win at all costs” mentality to be successful in business.

People don’t buy what you do. They buy who you are.

Vince is presently writing 2 more books and event planning for this and future years. He and his family are currently moving from Canada to Tennessee. Vince is committed to his faith, his family, and freedom.

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