When Being Controversial is Advantageous with Ali Schwanke

Marketing expert Ali Schwanke joins us in today’s episode to talk about tips that simplify modern content marketing for authors and help pave their path to success. Tune in to find a way to be memorable and actionable and make your book stand out in the marketplace.


Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • Psychological factors influencing your effectiveness as a marketer
  • Creative marketing ideas to make your content stand out
  • Writing a book vs. writing for social media
  • The importance of supporting your beliefs with conviction
  • Social media marketing: Problems and solutions


Resources Mentioned in This Episode


About Ali Schwanke

Ali Schwanke is the founder of Simple Strat, a platinum HubSpot Solutions marketing agency partner and cohost of the popular YouTube series “HubSpot Hacks.” She’s a go-to expert in B2B marketing strategy and content and a well-known expert on all things HubSpot or marketing technology. She and her team are known for their no-BS, business case first, software second approach, which makes her and her team a valuable resource for CEOs down to the sales rep. She’s also a national marketing advisor for Vistage International, a former American Marketing Association board member, and a 2022 virtual speaker at MarTech.org.


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