Getting Your Book Made into a Movie or Vice Versa with Charlie Fusco

Charlie Fusco helps us connect the dots between our personal stories and business as she shares her expansive knowledge about the filmmaking industry and how authors can navigate its complexities while creating a meaningful impact. So press that play button to amplify your voice and bring your story to life right now!


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • The most popular streaming platforms for marketing your story
  • Challenges authors face when adapting a novel to screenplay
  • Why it’s vital to treat your writing like a business
  • Reasons to choose your book’s target audience wisely
  • Advice for authors who want to turn their books into films
  • How to tell if your book would make a good movie


Resources Mentioned in This Episode


About Charlie Fusco

Charlie Fusco has been involved in film production since she was six years old, working alongside her father on- and off-set, in editing rooms and funding meetings. She later completed formal training at Boston University and Northwestern University in writing, photography, directing, and art direction.

In 2018, she focused on starting and scaling TGC Worldwide, which manages personal brand evolutions. TGC has put clients on the NYT Bestseller lists, secured their movie deals, expanded their charities, and other achievements most think “impossible.” Her clients are looking to expand their impact on a global scale through philanthropic efforts, key collaborations, books, movies, one-of-a-kind events, and influential thought leadership.

Whether ghostwriting a book, directing documentaries, developing social media strategies, negotiating reality show deals, or directing a photoshoot – That Girl Charlie – still considers herself a master storyteller with a passion for putting more good into the world.


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