Write to the Mass Market with Erika Andresen

In today’s episode of The Author’s Corner, Robin sits down with Erika Andresen, CBCP, JD, MPA, a veteran, lawyer, small business owner, and of course, the author of, How to Not Kill Your Business: Grow Your Business in Any Environment, Navigate Volatility and Successfully Recover When Things Go Wrong. Robin and Erika discuss the reasons why she made the switch, both in her career – from corporate law to active duty with the military – and also in her writing style – from complex legalese to approachable terminology that better connects with people. Get a peek into her motivations to write her book, including her dream of helping mom-and-pop shops who are not willing or able to spend money on business continuity consulting, and why her book is the solution.


Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • How Erika made the transition from academic to mass market writing.
  • Erica’s primary motivation for writing her book.
  • The importance of understanding the target audience and speaking to them in their terms.
  • How the process of writing her book has helped her more fully appreciate the value she brings to others.
  • And much more…


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

EaaS Consulting LLC

Erika’s LinkedIn


About Erika Andresen:

Erika Andresen, CBCP, JD, MPA, is a recovering lawyer after nearly two decades in both the corporate finance world and the military. Erika became a subject matter expert on national security and disaster preparedness/response while advising different commands and also during high-risk situations in Afghanistan. Her work with actual disasters led her to attain a Master of Public Affairs.

Erika left active duty in 2020 and has since started EaaS Consulting, LLC, with the goal of keeping businesses in business. To that end, she authored How to Not Kill Your Business: Grow Your Business in Any Environment, Navigate Volatility, and Successfully Recover When Things Go Wrong, a conversational introduction to business continuity enjoyed by CBCP practitioners and business owners alike. Erika is also a professor of emergency management for the MPA program at the University of Texas at El Paso. She has been quoted in articles for Forbes, Dark Reading, SmartSheet, and MoneyGeek on the issues of business continuity and disaster preparedness.


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