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In this episode of The Author’s Corner, Robin sits down with John Pabon, sustainability expert and author of The Great Greenwashing. John shares the combination of frustration, stupidity, and hubris that inspired him to write and self-publish his first book, Sustainability for the Rest of Us: Your No-Bullshit, Five-Point Plan for Saving the Planet. Robin and John discuss his decision to write in his own voice, in a way that spoke to a mass audience, rather than the way he would normally speak to his peers in the sustainability sector. You’ll also learn about the concept of “greenwashing:” a process in which companies and governments will wrap themselves in the language of sustainability, in an effort to distract people from the bad environmental practices they have in the background.


Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Why John chose to self-publish his first book, and the lessons he learned from that process.
  • The goal of his new book is to help people understand the myths and misunderstandings surrounding sustainability.
  • The positives (and negatives) of traditional and self-publishing, from John’s experience.
  • The impact that the private sector can have on sustainability.
  • And much more…


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

John’s website

John’s LinkedIn

The Great Greenwashing book


About John Pabon:

John Pabon has spent two decades in the business of saving our Earth. After leaving his role at the United Nations, John traveled the world studying the impacts of sustainability first-hand in factories, in fields, and in Fortune 500s. His mission is to move sustainability.








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