How Blogs Are Different Than Nonfiction Books

How Blogs Are Different Than Nonfiction Books


If you’re thinking about writing a book, and you’ve also been writing a blog for a few years, it might occur to you: why not just turn my blog posts into my book?

Before you dive right in, consider this. Blogs can be helpful tools as you write your book, but I believe it’s best if you avoid the somewhat popular approach of “copy, paste, and call it a manuscript.”

In this Robin’s Riff episode, I explain why you shouldn’t use your blog posts as the primary content for your book. However, that doesn’t mean that your blog can’t be helpful to your process. I also share some of the ways that you can turn to your blog post archives to help you write a compelling and valuable nonfiction book.

Key takeaways:

  • Why you shouldn’t copy and paste blogs to write your book
  • How you can use your blogs to help you write
  • Why blogging while writing your book is a good idea
  • How to use blogs to see how you have grown and evolved
  • And more!


About Robin Colucci:

Robin Colucci has been helping world class experts write world changing books since 2003. Before that she built, grew, and sold a personal fitness business. She also was a journalist and worked as an acquisitions editor for an independent publishing house. Robin brings her deep, hands-on knowledge of publishing and entrepreneurship to her clients whose books cover a range of topics including: business, personal development, memoir, health and fitness, science and technology, politics, equality, and the environment.

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