Insight into Publishing with Editor-in-Chief of a BenBella Imprint, Matt Holt


If you’re a regular listener of The Author’s Corner, then you’ve probably considered going for a traditional book deal at some point. If you’d like more insight on how to succeed with that goal, listen up, because this week’s episode will be of special interest!

What better way is there to gain insight into traditional publishing than to learn from the Editor-in-Chief of an important independent publishing house?

In episode #121 of The Author’s Corner, Robin is joined by Matt Holt, Editor-in-Chief of Matt Holt Books, a BenBella imprint. Matt divulges invaluable insight into how he decides who to publish and how authors can make the most of their conversations with editors. He shares his perspective on what it takes to have a bestseller. And Matt and Robin discuss the big shifts happening in the publishing industry and what might be in store for the future.


Key takeaways:

  • The big shifts in the publishing industry
  • Matt’s three criteria for how he decides which books to publish
  • Why memoir is such a difficult genre
  • What it takes to have a bestseller
    Advice for searching for and talking to a potential publisher
  • And more!


Resources mentioned in this episode:


About Matt Holt:

Matt Holt is Editor-in-Chief of the BenBella imprint Matt Holt Books. Holt was previously Senior Vice President and Executive Publisher at John Wiley & Sons, where he oversaw a team of 85 staff. Over his 27-year career, Matt has acquired over 1,000 and published 10,000 titles including: Jon Gordon’s Energy Bus, Larry Winget’s Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life, David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing and PR, and much more. Holt acquires roughly 20 titles per year focusing on business, finance, and professional development topics.

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