TAC Suzanne | Get Your Message Across

  When you’re tying to sell your book on TV, how do you get your message across? What should you say or do to get

    Creating a community isn’t just about selling your book. It should also be about creating connections. In this episode, we learn more about

TAC Susan | Writing For Top Publications

  For anyone who wants to kick-start their writing career, how do you craft an article that top publications would actually want to buy? Susan Shapiro says

TAC Kim Corbin | Book PR Myths

  One of the biggest book PR myths is that PR is the main driver of book sales. It does raise awareness, but it’s only

TAC Patty | Pricing And Sales

  Financial empowerment often starts at one place: the value of your products or services. When you value yourself too low, that means a lower

  The publishing industry is notorious for its low pay and lack of proper representation. For it to see actual growth in today’s ever-changing society,

TAC Orvel Ray Wilson | Income Generating Innovations

  Are you a writer or a speaker? If you are, what can you do in this time of uncertainty? What new ideas can you

TAC 5 Samantha Bennett | Creative Genius

  Everyone has a zone of creative genius. It’s just a matter of tapping into it and capturing your ideas before they fly away. Robin Colucci’s

TAC 4 | Marketing Success

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