Matt Lesser

Publishing Mistakes and Triumphs with Matt Lesser

Publishing Mistakes and Triumphs with Matt Lesser


Getting your book published can be a daunting journey, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

From developing a concept to facing setbacks, not every author’s journey is straightforward.

But what happens when the ghostwriting firm you hired ghosts you?!

In episode #152 of The Author’s Corner, Matt Lesser shares his experience with publishing his second book after a disappointing encounter with his first. He details his frustrations, financial losses, and his journey to regroup and find a new publisher. And he also delves into his experience navigating the Scribe shutdown scandal that you won’t want to miss!


Key takeaways:

  • The importance of choosing the right publisher
  • Identifying red flags and concerns with  publishes
  • How to regroup and find a new publisher after a negative experience.
  • Selling books through speaking engagements and targeted marketing can be effective strategies. Writing a book can serve as an investment in a consulting business and a tool for building relationships.
  • Choosing unique and intriguing titles can generate curiosity and differentiate from common terms.
  • The books ‘Unsatisfied’ and ‘Unengaged’ address the importance of intentionally pursuing a life of less and building a healthy organizational culture.
  • Understanding the use of practical application in books
  • And more!




About Matt Lesser:

Matt Lesser started his career leading his family’s struggling business. It quickly failed, and Matt experienced a suicidal depression. Out of the ashes, a new business emerged and grew from three people to nearly two hundred while experiencing a twenty-fold increase in revenue, before selling to trusted competitors. Matt then served in a C-Suite role in private equity for 12 years, before serving transitional C-Suite roles in banking and commercial uniforms. Matt founded Uniquely Normal, LLC in 2021 to equip leaders to solve their costly people-related challenges by building flourishing organizations on the pillars of Empathy, Empowerment, and Excellence, which is the focus of Matt’s second book, unEngaged: Building Flourishing Organizations. Matt is the best-selling author of unSatisfied: When Less is More and has served as a keynote speaker as well as a facilitator of rooms packed with leaders around the world for more than twenty years now. In addition, Matt is a certified executive coach as well as certified in nearly twenty personality, preference, and leadership assessments. Matt married his elementary school sweetheart in 1996 and lives in northeast Indiana with his family.


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