Brianna and Matthew Penfold

Navigating Co-Authorship with Brianna and Matthew Penfold

Navigating Co-Authorship with Brianna and Matthew Penfold


Ever pondered the dynamics of co-authoring a book?

It’s a journey filled with twists and turns, and today, my guests, Brianna and Matthew Penfold, join us to offer firsthand insights into the complexities of this experience.

In episode #146 of The Author’s Corner, Brianna and Matthew share their insights on co-authorship and how they navigate the challenges that arise during such an intense collaborative process. Tune in to discover the secrets behind their successful collaboration and gain valuable insights from their co-authorship journey.


Key takeaways:

  • Unlocking the dynamics of co-authoring
  • Discovering the rhythm of collaboration
  • Amplifying synergy amidst creative disparities
  • Embracing wins and losses as a team
  • Navigating the labyrinth of publishing
  • Embracing the journey of literary partnership
  • Crafting a narrative that transcends generations
  • And more!


Resources mentioned in this episode:


About Brianna and Matthew Penfold:

Brianna and Matthew Penfold are a wife-and-husband writing team. The Intrepid Three: Animus Revealed is their debut book. This work is a labor of love enlightened by their lifelong faith journeys and diverse experiences in medicine, law, victim advocacy, crisis intervention, research, and children and youth mentorship. By day, and sometimes by night, Brianna is an attorney, and Matthew is a pediatrician. They currently reside in Virginia where they are having a blast raising their energetic toddler.


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