Tips for Writing True Crime with Sarena Straus

For the first time on our show, we focus on the thrilling and fascinating true crime genre with guest, Sarena Straus. Listen in to discover how her real-life experiences as a prosecutor inspired her debut as an author and what it’s like to write and transition from nonfiction to fiction. Press play to learn more about it!


Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • What makes a true crime memoir special
  • A tremendous benefit of writing a memoir
  • Behind the scenes of pitching a book for a television pilot
  • Spot-on advice for new and fresh true crime authors
  • Why it’s critical to be well informed when writing true crime


Resources Mentioned in This Episode

ReInception by Sarena Straus | Paperback and Audiobook


About Sarena Straus

Sarena Straus writes novels for the curious and adventurous, for people who are intrigued by a “what-if” scenario and like to explore the outcomes. After receiving a BA in art history and political science from Barnard, Sarena graduated from Fordham University School of Law. She then worked for five years at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office (BXDA), where she prosecuted sex crimes and child abuse cases. After leaving BXDA, she published a true-crime memoir, Bronx DA: True Stories from the Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Unit (Barricade, 2006). In 2010, her book sold as a TV Pilot to CBS/Paramount.

Today, she lives in Hudson Valley, NY, with her husband, two children (also budding writers), two naughty Labrador retrievers, and two barn cats. She is now working on sequels to her debut sci-fi novel ReInception. When not writing or lawyering, Sarena loves to scuba dive, take photographs, and travel off the beaten path. She’ll swap diving or courtroom stories with you all day long or happily talk about books– writing them or reading them!


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