Journey to Authorship with Writer, Philosopher, and Technologist, Gary F. Bengier

Check out this episode with best-selling science fiction author Gary F. Bengier as we dive into the editing and marketing process of writing a novel, why he chose to be an indie author, and some sneak peeks into his book Unfettered Journey. Don’t miss our multilayered conversation to sharpen your writing abilities and broaden your thinking today.


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

  • Challenges in writing science fiction novels and the future of technology
  • Expert advice for cohesive and better writing
  • Should you write from one or more characters’ points of view?
  • Tips for developing well-rounded characters
  • Marketing platforms and advice you should know about
  • Pros and cons of self-publishing your book


Resources Mentioned in This Episode


 About Gary F. Bengier

Gary F. Bengier is a writer, philosopher, technologist, and author of the bestselling sci-fi novel Unfettered Journey. He grew up in the small Midwest town of Richmond, Ohio, playing in unfettered woods, developing an early love for nature, and learning self-reliance. He is a Kent State University undergrad hooked on astronomy, and his fascination with science drew him to California’s tech industry, which led him to become eBay’s Chief Financial Officer. 

A polymath, Gary has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MA degree in philosophy from San Francisco State University. Gary lives in San Francisco with his wife, Cynthia. When he isn’t traveling the world, he raises bees and makes a nice Cabernet at the family’s Napa vineyard. 


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