Robin’s Riff on Why Self Published Authors Should Do a Book Proposal

Today marks our 100th episode, and this time Robin is flying solo to offer her thoughts on one of the most underrated strategies used in self publishing: the book proposal. Book proposals are essential in traditional publishing, but they are also highly useful if you are planning to self-publish. It’s not easy, nor is it an intuitive process, but it can provide a real advantage when your book is ready to be published. You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan, and you shouldn’t try to publish a book without a book proposal. Luckily, Robin is here to offer her expertise to help you understand this vital process.


Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • The key elements of a book proposal.
  • How to create a due date for your book.
  • The importance of describing your audience in your book proposal.
  • Why the book-comps exercise is such a huge confidence boost.
  • Why you need to create an outline for your book.


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